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Effective interactive page design is essential to improve user experience and increase conversion. Here are the critical elements to include in order to create a good contact page layout:

1.Clear and simple layout

  • Minimal design: Use a clean, uncluttered design to help visitors find contact information quickly.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Make sure the contact page is easily accessible from your main navigation menu or footer.

2.Fundamental communication issues

  • Phone number and email: Clearly identify your phone number and email address. These can be clicked, especially on mobile devices, for easy interaction.
  • Physical address: If applicable, include your physical address and consider installing a Google Map to make it easier to pinpoint your location.
  • Simple approach: Use a straightforward form to communicate with minimal necessary fields to reduce friction for users. Standard fields include name, email, subject, and message
  • Captcha: Use CAPTCHA or other spam-blocking tools to avoid sending spam.

3.Custom Terms (CTA).

  • Encourage CTA: Use a clear and compelling call to action to prompt visitors to interact. For example, “Get Touch,” “Contact Us Today,” or “Send Message.”
  • Button Design: Make sure the CTA button stands out with a contrasting colour and is large enough for quick clicks.

4.New ways of communicating

  • Social media links: Include icons related to your social media profiles to provide additional ways to communicate.
  • Live Chat: If available, integrate a live chat option for real-time support.

5.Question and Answer Section

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Include a section with answers to frequently asked questions. This can reduce the number of questions asked and allow visitors to help immediately

6.Working hours

  • Hours of operation: Clearly state your hours so visitors know when they can expect a response.
  • Time Zone: If you serve multiple time zones, be sure to specify time zones for your business hours.

7.Access Considerations

  • Responsive design: Make sure the contact page is mobile-friendly and works well on all devices.
  • Accessible form fields: Make sure all form fields are correctly labelled and handicapped accessible.

8.Visual aids

  • Branding: Use consistent branding elements like your logo and brand colours to create a cohesive look.
  • Graphics and logos: Add appropriate graphics or logos to make the page more attractive and direct users’ eyes to important information.

9.Confidence signals

  • Testimonials: If you have a venue, add a few testimonials or badges of trust to build credibility and encourage visitors to go.

 Examples of excellent interactive page design

  1. Zendesk: Their contact page is clean, has a separate contact form, and includes clear instructions on how to navigate through the departments.
  2. Airbnb: Their contact page offers a simple form, multiple ways to contact customer support and links to their support centre.
  3. Trello: Their page is minimalist and straightforward, with direct contact options and a FAQ section to address commonly asked questions.

A well-designed interactive page can dramatically enhance the user experience and improve the chances of converting visitors into customers. By including these essential elements—a clear layout, basic contact information, a simple form, a compelling CTA, additional contact options, a FAQ section, business hours, accessibility, visuals, and trust signals—you can create a compelling and user-friendly interactive page.

For more information, you can search for resources and examples from design blogs and websites like Smashing Magazine, HubSpot, and Crazy Egg.

Best contact pages to get inspired in 2024 To create a standout

The “Contact Us” page in 2024 pays to take inspiration from some of the best examples out there. Here are a few interactive pages that stand out for their design, functionality and user experience:

  1. Zendesk • Why it stands out: Zendesk’s contact page is clean and straightforward, with a prominent contact form and clear instructions on how to navigate through the departments. The page is user-friendly and offers several communication options, including phone, email and a comprehensive help desk.
  • Features:

o Clear instructions and flexible planning

o Multiple connection options

o Basic calls to action

  1. Airbnb availability
  • Why it stands out: Airbnb’s contact page offers a simple form, multiple ways to contact customer support, and links to their support centre. It also includes options for emergency and non-emergency questions, ensuring that users can effectively access the help they need.
  • Features:

o Clear classification for queries

o Easy-to-use contact form

 o Links to advanced support resources

  1. The story of Trello
  • Why It Stands Out: Trello’s contact page is small and straightforward. It has a short form, direct contact options, and an FAQ section to address common questions. This system reduces friction and facilitates communication for users.
  • Features:

 o Minimum design

o Straightforward and clear communication form

o FAQ section

4.Logging into Shopify

  • Why it stands out: Shopify’s contact page is optimized with multiple ways to reach support, including chat, email, and phone. It also provides fast connections to its support centre and community events.
  • Features:

o Many support methods

 o Organized planning

o Fast connections to new features

  1. HubSpot
  • Why it stands out: HubSpot’s contact page is user-friendly and provides clear options for questions. The page contains a map of their offices, a contact form, and direct email addresses for departments.
  • Features:

 o Extensive connectivity options

 o Office location map

 o Contact information for the department

  1. Exercise • Why It Stands Out: Apple’s contact page is sleek and user-centric, offering a variety of ways to get support, including phone, chat and email. The page provides links to their extensive support information and community forums.
  • Features:

o Many supports methods

o clean and elegant design

o Advanced accessories

7.Mailchimp integration • Why It Stands Out: Mailchimp’s contact page is simple but effective, offering a clear contact form, helpful information, and chat options. The page is designed to help users quickly find the help they need.

  • features:

o Simple and effective system

o Multiple connection options

o Support information and resources

Tips for creating your contact page

  1. User-friendly design: Make sure your contact page is easy to navigate, and the contact form is easy to fill out.
  2. Multiple communication options: Provide users with a variety of communication methods, such as phone, email, live chat, and social media connections.
  3. Clear instructions: Include clear instructions on how to contact you with questions.
  4. Visually appealing: Use your logo, colours, fonts and other branding elements to create a visually attractive page.
  5. Trust Tokens: Add a certification or trust badge to build trust.
  6. Mobile Optimization: Make sure the page is mobile-friendly and responsive.

By studying these sample contact pages, you can gain insight and inspiration to create a more effective and user-friendly contact page for your website. You can check out resources like Crazy Egg, HubSpot, and Smashing Magazine for detailed reviews and examples.

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