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It is one of the goals of any company with a good SEO service to get the client’s business to show up at the top of Google. Search engines take 90% of all web traffic, so having a way to go beyond a simple search engine index is essential.

We know how important a comprehensive SEO service is: online visibility makes the difference between survival and non-existence. That’s really important with SEO because visibility translates into sales. It was the work of a professional SEO to achieve this.

Required practices in professional SEO service

The truth is that a good SEO service has to be started even before a web business can see the light of review.

SEO Research

The real meaning of statistics allows us to understand the importance of these first steps in an optimal SEO implementation. From an SEO perspective, it’s about systematically analyzing the business environment, knowing if it’s well planned in this regard, and knowing how to solve problems if found.

An SEO audit covers things like technological opportunities for improvement, what kind of features should be enhanced or implemented, competitor analysis, and fixing all sorts of errors that negatively affect SEO.

Developing this first step of SEO management requires using tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console or SEMrush, among others. From the information obtained, action plans for error correction and future strategies can be developed.

Keyword research.

Finding business-specific keywords is one of the most important aspects of SEO optimization. It’s not about your business randomly appearing at the top of Google, it’s about really relevant searches . A good SEO service will find the right balance between transactional , informational , and navigational keywords.

It wasn’t enough to make yourself comfortable. It is important to establish positioning goals , which can track improvements in web traffic, capacity or sales. To achieve this goal, a good SEO service must be able to analyze the data provided by Google as well as the ongoing searches of potential customers. Integrated competitor data and recommendations from tools such as Semrush are key to this.

SEO Strategy

Once the site has been analyzed and the most relevant keywords have been identified, the next step to achieving good SEO performance is to develop a comprehensive strategy. At this point in the process, they already know the brand and trends in the region, so the only thing left to do is organic positioning An SEO strategy consists of actions both on and off the site, which also includes link building strategy . The latter is a link analysis that covers your competition and their anchor texts. This is a complex, time-consuming task and usually takes up a good chunk of the SEO service’s budget. The reward in exchange is increased site visibility, making the investment worthwhile.

SEO optimization on pages

Another important aspect of SEO implementation is on-page optimization. It’s about working technically on different pages of the site so that each of them best meets the needs of the search engine.

Details that are not clearly important, such as titles (H1, H2, H3), improvements in meta descriptions, customized URLs, etc., can make a difference when it comes to positioning Te like sitemap-xml or robots.txt, even web architecture.

Behind-the-scenes SEO optimization

Behind-the-scenes SEO optimization focuses on working behind the scenes of your website . The most important one is about improving the site page, which is achieved by showing quality external links, among other things.

One of the best ways to do this is to make our SEO content go viral Social networks are a great place to achieve this, but we should also consider content aggregators like About.com . Getting external links isn’t something that happens overnight. In the process, we may also have unhealthy interactions. In this sense, frequently maintaining an SEO web ranking service is more than necessary. SEO content creation in particular.

SEO content creation is also an important part of the SEO process. This is content that drives organic traffic to the website, which increases productivity , improves brand image and stimulates interaction with your potential customers.

Through SEO-optimized content you can create brand ambassadors who share your posts and help you drive traffic to your website.

Creating content is a long-term project that can be nerve-wracking, especially at first. However, a good SEO service can optimize , reuse and effectively use existing content to improve your ranking.

Monitoring and maintenance

No part of an SEO project is complete forever. Once the SEO process is complete, the seeds will be planted to keep your brand thriving, but it will need to be maintained from time to time.

This maintenance includes monthly reviews of SEO KPIs and corresponding advice. Google, like the rest of the search engines, is organic and dynamic. Its main purpose is to delight users, including your potential customers. Don’t hesitate to change your search algorithm to do this. This makes SERPs unique. Monitoring functions are essential to ensure that your business is consistently ranking for its keywords.

Benefits of SEO services We will not focus on this section in detail, as we already have specific entries devoted to this feature. To know the SEO costs of Marketing agencies, read the following article.

You can also request your quote with no commitment with us . We are an online marketing agency in Bilbao with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

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