How to Report a Scammer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn

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Fraudulent accounts on social media can cause serious harm by spreading misinformation, misleading users, or damaging reputations. Reporting these accounts is essential to maintaining a safe and reliable online environment. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to report fraud on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Report of a scammer on Facebook
1. Identify the fraudulent statistics
o Go to the profile of the fraudulent account you want to report.
2. Report Options
o In the cover image, below the profile banner, click the three dots (…).
3. Select the Report option
o Select “Search for support or custom profile” from the dropdown menu.
4. Write the Issue
o Select “Preten to be someone” and select the person they are pretending to be (you, a friend, or a celebrity).
5. Submit the report
o Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the report. Facebook may request additional information or not verify it.
6. Monitor the report
o Facebook will review your report and take appropriate action. You can check the status of your report in the “Support Inbox” in your account settings.
Report of a scammer on Twitter
1. Find the accountability of the fraudster
o Go to the fraud account information page.
2. Go to the Report Menu
o Click the three-dot (…) icon next to the “Follow” button.
3. Select Report
o Select “Report @username” from the menu.

4. Describe the story
o Select “Pretending to be me or someone else” and then “They are pretending to be me” or “Impersonating someone else.”
5. Provide additional information
o Twitter can ask more questions to verify fraud allegations. Follow the prompts and provide necessary information.
6. Submit the report
o Complete the report submission. Twitter will look into the issue and may contact you for more information.
7. Monitor the report
o You will receive a notification from Twitter about the status of your report.
Reporting a cheater on Instagram
1. Find a fraudulent account
o Check the profile of the fraudulent account.
2. Open the Reports Menu
o Click the three dots (…) in the upper right corner of the profile.
3. Follow the report
o Select “Report” from the menu that appears.
4. Explain why
o Click “Report Account” and then select “Impersonate.”
5. Identify the character
o Select “me” if the account pretends to be you, or “someone I know” if it pretends to be someone else.
6. Provide necessary information
o Follow the instructions to complete the report. Instagram may ask for additional information or clarification to verify your content.
7. Follow up
o Instagram will review your report and take necessary action. You will be notified of their decision through the app.

A fraudster is being reported on LinkedIn
1. Go to Imposter Profile
o Go to the fraudulent account profile.
2. Tap Report Feature
o Click the “More” button (three dots) on the profile page.
3. Select Report/Block
o Select “Report/Block” from the drop down menu.
4. Report as simulation
o Select “Report content on profile” then select “Profile information” followed by “Pretending to be someone”.
5. Explain the issue
o Provide a report providing information about the simulation.
6. Monitor progress
o LinkedIn will analyze the report and notify you of the findings and actions taken.
Tips for reporting fake accounts
1. Collect evidence
o Collect screenshots and URLs of the fraudulent accounts and any messages or texts that indicate fraud.
2. Notify your network
o Notify your friends, followers, contacts or fraudulent accounts so that the communication can be evaded and reported.
3. Use government mechanisms
o Always report simulations through the Forum’s official reporting channel to ensure proper handling of your report.
4. Follow up
o If you don’t get a response or action from the platform in a reasonable amount of time, follow up by checking the status of your report.
5. Protect your account
o Enable dual processing on your account to increase security and prevent unauthorized access.

Reporting a fraudster on social media is an important step in protecting your identity and maintaining a safe online environment. Each platform has specific reporting procedures, and following these steps will ensure that your report is handled properly. By taking swift action and using the tools provided, you can help prevent imp

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